Legal Disputes

Legal Disputes

On Your Side During Your Legal Disputes

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, it is not possible to come to an agreement with another party and legal disputes can arise. Whether your dispute is with another person, a business or a professional service, you will want legal advice from an experienced team who will guide you through what can be a lengthy and difficult process.

If you have become involved in a dispute, our legal disputes department are fully equipped to help you to resolve the matter as quickly and as amicably as possible. We have the legal knowledge to help you through any legal dispute you are going through. If court proceedings are necessary, we have experience in all levels of court and tribunals across the whole country. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation discussion about any legal disputes that are affecting you.

Legal Disputes Services

Fraser Dawbarns offers a comprehensive range of services to our clients, regularly helping them to resolve a wide range of legal disputes, some examples of which are below. We have a separate page covering legal claims and related services, where you can find information about personal injury claims, professional negligence claims and more. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Employment Disputes

Employment law exists to create a fair working environment and to protect your safety. While most employers respect the law, not everyone does and sometimes your legal rights are breached. The specialist team at Fraser Dawbarns are experts in all areas of employment law for employees and can help you with any queries you may have. We understand workplaces and we know what your job means to you and your family. Many of our clients have invested a lot of time and effort in their chosen career. Disputes at work can be very stressful and can have a serious impact on your life, both professionally and personally. When it goes wrong, there is often a lot at stake.

Legal disputes with your employer can include changes to your employment contract, claiming money that you should have received, being bullied or harassed at work as well as going through a disciplinary procedure that you feel is unwarranted. The employment team at Fraser Dawbarns regularly advise employees on terms of employment, settlement agreements and termination of employment, and assist employees in bringing employment claims against former employers.

Boundary Disputes

We can offer specialist advice on any problem you have that has arisen from the ownership, use or occupation of land. These types of legal disputes can include but are not limited to right of way disputes and other issues relating to shared facilities including boundaries and land registry disputes. We can also help you with issues relating to tree encroachment, subsidence and actions relating to misrepresentation or negligence that have arisen from a property transaction. Contact our disputes team to find out more.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

As domestic property rental has become more common, there has been an increase in the number of legal disputes between tenants and landlords. If you have one or more properties that you are renting out or if you are a tenant in a rented property, Fraser Dawbarns can advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities to try and resolve any potential dispute as cost effectively and quickly as possible.

For landlords we can help you with a range of issues including helping you to recover rent arrears and compensation for damage. If you are a tenant, we can also help you with your legal disputes if you are facing eviction and help you to recover your deposit. Contact the legal disputes team at Fraser Dawbarns for help with a dispute, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

Will and Estate Disputes

In most cases where a person makes a Will, their wishes are carried out without question. However, Will and estate disputes are increasing as a number of disappointed beneficiaries are now challenging Wills for a number of reasons.

These can include allegations that the person making the Will lacked the necessary capacity which would render that Will invalid and meaning that the previous Will, if there is one, would have to be used instead. In cases like this, we can help you establish whether there is any evidence of lack of capacity.

Other possible scenarios include circumstances where a person is promised the benefit of another’s estate and invests themselves at their detriment to the testator’s advantage and then doesn’t receive the benefit promised. Certain relatives can also bring claims against the estate if they believe they should have been provided for in the Will. This could include a child left out of a parent’s Will for no apparent reason or where there is no allegation of a lack of capacity.

In any of these situations our ACTAPS (Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists) trained solicitors, can help whether you are bringing the claim or whether a claim is being made against you. We can help you get to the right answer and preserve the value in the estate by minimising unnecessary costs from being incurred. Contact us for more information.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Deprivation of liberty can occur in many settings but the most recognisable are in a hospital setting, in a care home, or at home. There are many people who are deprived of their liberty as a result of the care or treatment they receive, and who cannot consent to these restrictions because they lack the mental capacity to do so. There are also people who are deprived of their liberty because health and social services believe it to be in their best interests to receive care in a particular environment, such as in a care home rather than in their own home.

We have achieved positive outcomes for vulnerable clients and as a result of our involvement have helped people to return to their own homes or to remain living with their spouse with the support they need. If you would like further advice and support with Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Powers of Attorney Disputes

If you believe that a Power of Attorney has been signed in inappropriate circumstances or wish to challenge the appointment of a particular attorney, then we can help. At Fraser Dawbarns, our civil litigators have a wealth of experience in dealing with disputes in relation to Lasting Powers of Attorney, deputyships and matters relating to capacity, as well as disputed applications in relation to the appointment or removal of an attorney.

We understand that these situations can be very upsetting and we have solicitors who are members of professional organisations such as the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), the Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS) and Solicitors for the Elderly who understand the need to give you timely and practical advice.

Sometimes it is more appropriate for the issues to be resolved by the courts and in these situations our solicitors can also apply to the Court of Protection on your behalf or provide representation if a matter is already with the court. Please contact us for more information or for help with any legal disputes relating to Powers of Attorney.


Karen processed my transfer of equity. She was absolutely wonderful. She went above and beyond to make sure i had all of the information I asked for. I cannot thank her enough.
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Why Choose Fraser Dawbarns To Help You?

Free, No Obligation Consultation

You may be unsure about whether you have a claim or be wary about being pressured into making a claim if you see a claims specialist. The team at Fraser Dawbarns will be happy to listen to your situation and advise you on whether we think you have a claim and whether we think you have a reasonable prospect of success. We will give you our opinion and an idea of any potential costs but will not put you under any pressure to proceed if you are not yet ready to do so.

Pricing Options

To accommodate the different requirements of our clients, we offer a choice of service levels so that you can choose the level of contact that best suits your needs. By offering the choice between undertaking work on either a fixed fee basis or at an hourly rate, we give you the freedom to pick the pricing option that best suits you.

Fixed Fee Service

It is important to us that our clients know exactly what they will pay and the scope of the services they will receive at the beginning of the transaction. That is why Fraser Dawbarns offer a fixed fee service with no hidden costs or unexpected charges for clients who are dealing with legal disputes.

An Experienced Team

Fraser Dawbarns are ideally situated to help you with any legal claims you may have. Our team of civil litigation experts have years of experience handling a wide range of claims and the team is ranked in the Legal 500 guide to the top law firms for our Debt Recovery, Employment, Personal Injury and Contentious Probate work. With offices in Wisbech, King’s Lynn, Downham Market, March and Ely we are close at hand when you need to see someone to discuss your case.

If you would like help with any legal claim, please contact us to see how we can help you. 

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Our team will help you from the beginning of your case to the end, giving you total peace of mind. If you would like friendly, client focused advice on a wide range of legal issues, get in touch and see how we can help you.

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