Change of Name

Change of Name

Legal Help with a Change of Name

If you wish to change either your Christian or surname you can do so as long as you are over 18. It is no longer necessary to register a change of name deed, and you can record a change by a Statutory Declaration. Either way, we will provide you with up to six certified copies together with a list of the agencies you will need to notify of the change.

If you would like help with a change of name, contact the family law team at Fraser Dawbarns for further advice and information.

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Change of Name for Children

You cannot change a child’s name without the consent of both parents or the leave of the court. If the parents were not married, and the father does not have parental responsibility (any child born before December 2003), the mother could legally change the child’s name but it is generally ‘frowned upon’ by the Courts. It would then be open to the father to make an application to the Court for the child’s name to revert back to his or her birth name.

If you would like advice on changing a child's name, speak to the family law team at Fraser Dawbarns and see how we can help you.

How Much does a Change of Name Cost?

We charge a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT for change of name deeds, or if you are an existing client with an ongoing matter we will charge £175 plus VAT. Contact us today to discuss your specific circumstances.


Kim Neal helped with my Will. [She was] thoroughly professional and spent time explaining in Layman's terms the implications of what I was proposing to do and addressed any concerns I may have had. A positive and reassuring experience.
Client - Wisbech Office

Why Choose Fraser Dawbarns to Help You?

Pricing Options

In more complex cases that are beyond the scope of the fixed fee service, we offer a choice of pricing options to our clients. By offering the choice between undertaking work on either a fixed fee basis or at an hourly rate, we give you the freedom to select the pricing option that best suits your needs.

Giving you Total peace of Mind

We offer our clients the expert and comprehensive legal advice that they are entitled to expect. We also provide our clients with support, a sympathetic ear and peace of mind during what is a very difficult and emotional time. 

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Our team will help you from the beginning of your case to the end, giving you total peace of mind. If you would like friendly, client focused advice on a wide range of legal issues, get in touch and see how we can help you.

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