Administration of Estates (Uncontested)

Administration of Estates (UNCONTESTED) Prices

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Harleen Hanson, a solicitor with over 12 years experience is head of our Private Client department and supervises those who deal with administration of estates. For details of other members of the team please see here.

Average Costs and Timescale

It is difficult to give a price estimate for the administration of an estate as no two estates are the same and there can be several unknown and variable factors. The indication which follows is for a simple estate with the following assumptions:

  • There is a valid Will with named Executors who are all of full age and have capacity
  • There is no more than one property in the estate and which is a registered freehold property
  • There are no more than five bank accounts or building society accounts in total
  • The only pension of the person who has died is a state pension – i.e. there is no private pension or other annuity
  • There are no foreign assets
  • The person who has died is not a beneficiary under any Trust or was waiting themselves to inherit
  • There are no intangible assets such as company shares
  • There are only one or two beneficiaries who are both of full age and have capacity and there are no specific or pecuniary legacies
  • There are no disputes between Executors and/or between Beneficiaries and/or between Executors and Beneficiaries regarding the administration of the estate
  • No claims are made against the estate
  • The person who has died was not in receipt of means tested benefits
  • No Inheritance is payable and there is no need to submit estate accounts to HMRC either for tax reasons or to claim tax allowances

In cases that differ from the circumstances above, it is strongly recommended to seek a bespoke quote for your specific situation.



20% VAT





Legal fee*

1,750.00 - 2,500.00

350.00 - 500.00

2,100.00 - 3,000.00

Additional Fees**:

Probate fees***




1,905.00 - 2,655.00

350.00 - 500.00

2,255.00 - 3,155.00

*The quoted fee is based on the reasonable assumption that it will take between 10 and 12 months to conclude the administration of the estate (including obtaining a Grant of Probate where required) and taking between 7 and 10 hours work at an average hourly rate of £250.

**Additional Fees

In addition to the fees charged by Fraser Dawbarns and the fees charged by the Probate registry, a person applying for probate would have a series of other charges:

  • ***Additional to the Probate fees there is also a charge of 50p per office copy of the Grant on application
  • Oath fee of £5 plus £2 for each exhibit
  • Bankruptcy search of £2 plus VAT per beneficiary
  • There will also be fees to be paid for adverts in the London Gazette and a local paper. These charges vary and it is not possible to give an estimate. Actual cost will be provided on your giving instructions.

The above average costs do not include the costs of dealing with sale of any property for which a bespoke estimate will be given by our conveyancing department. You may also wish to view the average residential conveyancing costs.

For any other case where the above assumptions do not apply a bespoke estimate of costs will be provided on your giving instructions.

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