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Fraser Dawbarns provides high quality and client-focused legal services to both businesses and private individuals. Whether you are moving house, whether you need help or advice on making a Will, or whether you are drawing up a commercial contract, Fraser Dawbarns have an experienced and friendly team who can help you through to the end of your matter.

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Agriculture (8)

Our Agricultural team provides legal services to the agricultural industry, working closely with our clients to assist with day to day knowledge and future planning for the farm. Whether you need to restructure your business, whether you are buying or selling land or whether you are looking for tax planning advice, Fraser Dawbarns have a specialist to help you.

Claims (6)

Making a claim can be daunting, especially if you have suffered harm and are not at your best most able. If you have concerns about filing a claim and are not be sure whether it would benefit you, it is vitally important to have someone on your side, who will support you and make sure that your case is effectively argued.

Commercial Law (5)

Commercial law relates to contracts and agreements. Whether you are starting out in business or have been running a company for many years, there will be times when you will benefit from sound legal advice from the commercial law team at Fraser Dawbarns to help to protect you and your company against potential litigation and disputes.

Commercial Property (4)

Commercial property is an important consideration for many businesses, but the legal procedures surrounding business premises are not always straight forward. In our experience, those who seek legal advice early avoid the pitfalls and extra expenses that can be associated with commercial property transactions.

Corporate Law (5)

Corporate law deals with matters relating to the financing and running of corporations including directors agreements and buying and selling companies. The corporate law team at Fraser Dawbarns will help you making sure that your business is organised in a way that best suit your purposes.

Family Law (7)

Family matters are rarely straight-forward but our specialist family team will be dedicated to helping you reach an agreement through constructive negotiations. Our family law team have decades of experience in helping people in all sorts of circumstances make the best of their circumstances, from families on a low income to high earning professionals, and those with family farms and businesses.

Legal Disputes (6)

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, it is not possible to come to an agreement with another party and a dispute can arise. Whether this is with another person, a business or a professional service, you will want legal advice from an experienced team who will guide you through what can be a lengthy and difficult process. If you have become involved in a dispute, our team are fully equipped to help you to resolve the matter as quickly and as amicably as possible.

Regulatory Law (1)

The scope of regulatory law has increased in recent years that and this has placed more responsibilities on businesses of all types. The regulatory law team at Fraser Dawbarns has the expertise to advise you in both a preventative capacity and in the case of a prosecution for a breach of regulations.

Residential Conveyancing (7)

Conveyancing is the transfer of the title of a property from one person to another and the preparation of documents relating to this. We know this can, at times, become stressful and demanding for everyone involved so our residential conveyancing team will be on hand when you need them, protecting your interests and helping you to avoid problems throughout the process. We work to your timescales wherever possible and translate any technical terms so that you are always aware what is going on.

Wills & Estates (7)

Planning for later life is vital if you want to minimise your tax burden, protect your assets and make sure that your loved ones will be provided for. Despite this, decisions are often left until the last minute. Even if your retirement is many years away, it is never too early to make a Will and to consider the most effective ways of managing your estate.

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