Rural Renewable Energy

The Government is now striving to reach its renewable energy targets. At the same time renewable energy technology is becoming much more affordable. 

There is no doubt that energy generation is becoming an increasingly popular source of income for rural businesses across East Anglia. 

We are working with an increasing number of farmers and landowners across Cambridgeshire and Norfolk who are evaluating how best to react to approaches from energy developers who are eager to run energy projects on their land. Currently, these are primarily solar developments and battery sites to be used in conjunction with solar developments. However, we do also have experience of working with clients on commercially viable onshore wind projects and anaerobic digestive plants. 

 If you have been approached by a developer, either to sell part of your land or to place it under an option for a future renewable energy project, there are many different considerations and we can help to guide you through these, in particular: 

The Short Term

  • Agreements and obligations bestowed on a landowner when entering into an option agreement and what the landowner, needs to be aware of before entering these types of agreements 
  • Commercial considerations such as future proofing the landowner against additional professional costs which may come with these types of projects 
  •  Working with personal accountants to consider income streams and what vehicles or tax planning work needs to be undertaken at the outset to maximise your revenue 
  •  What obligation should be bestowed on your developer in the short term to ensure the developer does not impact on your or your tenants or farming of the property 

  • The Medium Term

  • The terms of lease and the covenants and obligations to be entered into as a landlord
  • The likely impact of those terms on your future use of the farm and how to maintain control of your farm whilst supporting the developer in the development of part of the farm
  • Crop loss
  • Direct Agreements which may be required by the developers funder to be entered in with you the landlord
  • The potential for surrender of part to enable the construction of a substation or other infrastructure required by the Distribution network Operator

  • The Long Term

  • Decommissioning security and how best to ensure your land is returned to you in a fit state for arable use or in event of it not being in a fit state, ensuring the necessary decommissioning security is in place to enable you to obtain recompense for the remedial works to be undertaken to put the property back in to work use
  • • Options to renew the existing lease arrangement, equipment sharing and deeds of variation

    We can advise on all types of legal agreements relating to the proposed project including:

  • Reviewing heads of terms for your renewable energy projects
  • Drafting, advising on, amending, and negotiating sale agreements, options and leases
  • Drafting, advising on, amending, and negotiating section 106 agreements if these are required in order to obtain planning permission for your project
  • Direct agreements with the developer’s funder
  • Decommissioning securities
  • Sublease and deeds of variation for infrastructure required by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
  • Assisting on transfers and head leases as part of your tax planning in the event of the renewable project being commissioned
  • Grid sharing agreements
  • Power purchase agreements and wayleaves.

  • If you would like an initial discussion about your situation and how we might be able to help please contact Daniel Ball on or call on 01553 666606

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    An Experienced Agricultural Team

    The services of a good agricultural land lawyer and a good agent cannot be overstated. At Fraser Dawbarns LLP we have a dedicated Agricultural team with a wealth of knowledge, who can help you avoid some of the pitfalls.

    Years of experience working with the agriculture sector has put us in a strong position to help you with a wide range of legal issues relating to farming and agriculture. If you would like more information on how we can help you, your family and your farm, please contact a member of the agriculture team today. 

    Direct Access To Your Solicitor

    Our agriculture team develop a good understanding of our client’s businesses and form close working relationships with our business clients. Clients who wish to arrange an appointment with our commercial solicitors can do so easily, visiting us at any of our offices across East Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk. We can also visit you at your business if you prefer.

    Pricing Options

    At Fraser Dawbarns we recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’. With our flexible pricing options, we give our clients the choice of different pricing options. You can choose whether you would like us to undertake your work on a fixed fee basis or at an hourly rate, selecting the pricing option that best suits your needs.

    No Hidden Charges

    Clients opting for our fixed fee service, will know how much they will pay for the matter before we start work. Clients who prefer to be billed at an hourly rate will also be given a realistic range of costs before we begin. Transparency and trustworthiness are important to us and we will never surprise you with hidden charges that were not explained to you at the outset.


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