Reliability and consistency are two things that a farmer would welcome in agriculture, a sector which has seen a political upheaval, economic headwinds, legal reform and ever changing technological advancement. Fraser Dawbarns LLP seeks to provide the stability and reliability the Agricultural Sector requires to increase the day to day obligations in the farming industry. With key emphases on service, our team looks to support its farming clients by being ready to assist when opportunities arise.

Our Agricultural Team provides the necessary legal services to the agricultural industry and works closely with its clients to assist with day to day knowledge, as well as future planning for the farm. We recognise that agriculture is a lifestyle and, as such, our lawyers seek to be involved in the industry sector and continue to work with individuals of a similar interest to provide the best knowledge to our clients.

The firm provides legal advice to assist farmers with:-

Fraser Dawbarns LLP operates on the basis of two lawyers to one farm. Each farm has the benefit of a transactional lawyer and tax lawyer who work together to assist with farm acquisition/disposal, business structure, tax planning in the event of disposal and the eventual publication of inheritance tax release. The view of the firm is to protect family money to enable the next generation to become involved at the right time.

We have strong relationships with land agencies and the banking sector, and we recognise the need to work with both these sectors and the client in both acquisition and disposal of land. Both banks and land agencies provide key resources to any transaction, and our team adopts those resources to ensure the transaction meets the client’s finite requirements in respect of time scales, values, and, in the case of acquisition, insuring the land is fit for the farm’s future plans. We concentrate on communication with the banking sector and seek to represent the bank, if and when permitted, without the need for further solicitor involvement.

Our Agricultural team identifies title issues at an early stage and recommends legal solutions to both landowners and the banking industry to enable transactions to proceed efficiently, and for the various interests of parties to proceed with confidence. We will also work with the farmer in respect of possible future acquisitions, and whether the current acquisition can accommodate further expansion.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact a member of our Agricultural Team.