Emma Stearman Fraser Dawbarns

Emma Stearman

Emma qualified as a solicitor in May 2016 into our Family Department.

She started working at Fraser Dawbarns LLP in June 2011 when she was employed as a paralegal to work in the crime department. She qualified as an Accredited Police Station Representative in 2012 and regularly represented clients at the police station whilst working in the Crime Department.

Prior to working at Fraser Dawbarns LLP, she was a full time student at the University of East Anglia. Throughout her time at college and university, she worked part time as a care assistant in a residential care home for elderly people.

During her Recognised Period of Training at Fraser Dawbarns LLP, Emma has experienced working in the following departments,: Crime, Matrimonial/Family and Private Client. The highlight of her career so far has been her period of training in the Matrimonial/Family department, which consisted of working closely with the Solicitors on a variety of financial relief and private children matters.

Emma is keen to achieve the best results for clients at all times as well as being approachable, friendly and compassionate.

Emma has also attended schools and their career’s fair to speak with students about the legal profession.