Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one can be a distressing and difficult time for those who are left behind.

We at Fraser Dawbarns LLP can guide you through this difficult process and advise on anything from what needs to be done to register the death and organise the funeral, to dealing with the whole of the administration of the person’s estate including the general collecting in of the assets (I.e. savings and property etc.) of the person who has died, the payment of their debts and funeral expenses and dealing with any income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax matters that may arise.

A number of decisions need to be made in a relatively short time, including decisions about the registration of the death and the funeral arrangements. In addition, there are long-term matters that need to be considered following the death and especially if there is a spouse, civil partner, partner and children left behind.

We can advise you on any size or type of estate in England and Wales. We provide practical advice on all matters relating to the application for the Grant of Probate where the person who has died has left a Will or Letters of Administration where they have not left a Will , and all the other types of applications which fall in between.

We are experienced in the setting up of trusts and if the same needs to be done in accordance with the terms of the Will we can do so for you. We can also advise you as to what can be done to minimise inheritance tax following the death of your loved one or the varying of the terms of the Will if appropriate to take into account unforeseen family issues.

We are more than happy to simply advise on specific matters relating to the estate, for example, the sale of a property or setting up of a trust or, the completion of paperwork that may need to be submitted to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, or matters that need to be dealt with in order for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration to be issued. We also deal with, and are experienced in, acting in relation to the administration of a persons estate throughout the whole process from registering their death to the distribution in accordance with the Will or, if there is no Will, the rules of intestacy.

With offices in King’s Lynn, Wisbech, Downham Market and March, and lawyers who specialise in the area based in every office we are at hand to answer and deal with any emergency queries that you have.

We also offer out of the office appointments for those who may find it difficult or too distressing to come in to see us.

Costs and Fees

We charge an hourly rate for the work carried out and in certain instances, and depending on the complexity of the estate, a charge based on the value of the assets in the estate. We will, however, make our charges clear to you at the outset and, if possible, provide an actual figure. Once the matter has begun we will liaise with you on a regular basis and will ensure that you are kept up to date with the costs.

Free Initial Consultation

We welcome enquiries and are happy to meet for a free-of-charge initial consultation. This will give us a chance to discuss matters with you and to provide you with an estimate of the potential costs involved.