Family Businesses

Our Commercial Team provides a full one stop service. We can offer timely, seamless advice for family businesses in related areas such as tax, employment, real estate, pensions, competition and other matters linked to the business.

We meet the legal need of expanding businesses with clear and prompt advice, and work closely with any existing advisors of a business to find solutions.

Our lawyers can offer advice on and practical support with:

  • Providing a legal structure to protect the Family Business.
  • Schemes to support tax efficient growth.
  • Tax aware Succession Planning and Structuring to boost the value of the business for the next generation.
  • Setting frameworks to nurture cohesion within the business.

Every business is unique. It is important for us not just to understand a client’s business, but also its value and what our client wishes to achieve from the business.

If you own or are thinking of setting up a family business, please contact our commercial team to discuss how we can help.