Acquisition and Disposal

The Agricultural Team at Fraser Dawbarns LLP provides a comprehensive range of services to assist with acquisition and disposal for farmers whether they are expanding their existing land holdings or making dispositions.

We provide a key emphasis on preparation before sale. Contract preparation and discussing industry specific issues, such as Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Agri Environment Schemes, with the Farmer’s agent, deals with issues at early point of negotiation. Any issues can then be discussed and resolved without encumbering the transaction.

Enabling early access for buyers can be as important as holding over on the existing crop. Our team has an understanding of timescales within the industry, and the importance of holdover and early access is a key part of any acquisition or disposal.

Our firm’s comprehensive offering of services has assisted clients on possible TUPE transfer of employees associated with a farm disposal or Capital Allowance Elections on Plant.

The acquisition and disposal of land can be complex and whilst the majority of transactions will proceed with only BPS; hold over or early access as key issues, some will be less simple and the firm will work to assist our client and empower our client throughout the process.

Make an appointment to see one of our agricultural specialists at Fraser Dawbarns to find out how we can help you.