Change of Name

If you wish to change either your christian or surname you can do so as long as you are over 18. It is no longer necessary to register a change of name deed, and you can record a change by a Statutory Declaration. Either way, we will provide you with up to six certified copies together with a list of the Agencies you will need to notify of the change.

Change of Name – Children

You cannot change a child’s name without the consent of both parents or the leave of the court. If the parents were not married, and the father does not have parental responsibility (any child born before December 2003), the mother could legally change the child’s name but it is generally ‘frowned upon’ by the Courts.  It would then be open to the father to make an application to the Court for the child’s name to revert back to his or her birth name.


We charge a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT for change of name deeds, or if you are an existing client with an ongoing matter we will charge £175 plus VAT.