Tax Planning

Farmers and landowners have an overall responsibility to mitigate against adverse taxation by structuring their holdings in the most tax efficient manner. Structuring holdings to apply key reliefs, such as Agricultural Property Relief and Business Property Relief, is key to preservation of the value of farm.

Our Agricultural Team at Fraser Dawbarns LLP provides key tax advice on Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax, and will work with our clients and their financial advisors to ensure property is held to enable tax reliefs to be applied.

We recognise the need for land owners to structure their holdings to take the maximum benefit provided by agricultural property relief. Farms are not always made purely of agricultural land and sometimes include residential properties, as well as potential for future development.

Disposals of land take place on a day to day basis, and it may be that relief can be applied to hold over any gain with a view to future investments. Farmers may also be at the point of retirement at the time of disposal allowing Entrepreneur’s Relief to be considered with a view to tax mitigation.

Our team also provides a long term view in respect of Wills and Tax Planning to enable the holding to remain in the family for future generations to come.