Claiming Back Nursing Home Fees

Our civil litigators have considerable experience advising on claiming back nursing home fees. It is a sad fact that many people need professional care in later life, and an increasing number receive that treatment in a care or nursing home. There has been considerable press coverage about care home fees, and weekly charges of £700-1,000 are not unusual.

Sadly, it is equally true that a large number of people have to sell their houses to pay these care home fees. But should they have to? Or is there an obligation on the local health authority to pay for continuing care?

It is possible to challenge a refusal to fund on-going care by a local authority, depending on the specific situation the individual find themselves in. The assessment focuses on 12 care domains that must be considered, and 3 levels of severity for each domain.

The local authority must complete their review for continuing care within 3 months of your request being made, but you only have 6 months to request the review from the date the original decision is made.

So if you think you, or a relative or friend may be entitled to their care home fees paid by the local authority, call us today to make an appointment with one of our specialist solicitors for advice on claiming back nursing home fees.

It could save you thousands of pounds.