COVID-19 Briefing: Rights of Forfeiture for Commercial Tenants

This guide has been prepared on 30 March 2020.

Update 18/06/20: Further to our Covid 19 Briefing : 3 Month ban on Evictions, published on 30.03.2020 the government via Housing Minister Robert Jenrick announced on 5th June 2020 that the moratorium on all housing possession cases will be extended further by an additional 2 months as from 25th June 2020, until 25th August 2020.

The move is to continue to protect both social and private tenants and those with mortgages and licences that are covered by the Protection from eviction Act 1977.

Eviction hearing will not, therefore, be listed at court before the end of August 2020, and even when they are the government are expected to introduce measures and guidance to protect those affected by the coronavirus, such as those whom have had to isolate and shield.

The Court of Appeal have confirmed that the extension will also apply to appeals concerning housing evictions.

New laws are being introduced and current legislation is regularly being updated. Although every effort has been made to ensure that information contained in this sheet is accurate, it may no longer be current at the time of reading. We strongly recommend consulting with a lawyer about your specific circumstances.

Please click the image above or download the guide here for information on:

  • What are the new measures relating to forfeiture
  • Who the new measures apply to
  • Can a commercial tenant avoid paying rent?
  • What this means for proceedings already in Court
  • Have landlords lost the right to forfeit?
  • Can landlords waive their right to forfeit?
  • Can landlords oppose renewal lease requests?
  • What happens to rent that should be paid during this three month period?
  • Advice for businesses that have been forced to close their doors

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