Looking to reclaim care home fees?

Many of you will have seen reports in the national media recently urging those who believe they have wrongly paid care home fees to take immediate action. This is because the Department of Health (in England) has recently announced a deadline for the submission of such claims.

Those who have wrongly paid care home fees for the period between 1 April 2004 and 31 March 2011, now have only until 30 September 2012 to submit their claim to the relevant Primary Care Trust. Those claiming a refund of care home fees paid between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2013 will have until 31 March 2013.

Are you eligible to make a claim?

Where an individual needs care because of their health, the NHS is responsible for meeting the cost of that care. This is known as ‘NHS Continuing Healthcare’ or ‘fully-funded care’. However, Primary Care Trusts were in the past (and at times still) notoriously restrictive in assessing eligibility for fully-funded care and it was nearly impossible to get.

Following a number of court cases and investigations, and involvement by the Health Service Ombudsman, the circumstances in which individuals will qualify for fully funded care have been clarified. PCT’s can be asked to review past decision to refuse funding, even where the individual making the claim has since passed away.

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