Licencing Applications (Business Premises) Pricing

Licencing matters are undertaken in the main by Janet Lane who has been qualified as a solicitor for 14 years. She is supervised by Melinda Smith in her capacity as the firm’s Managing Partner who is a solicitor with 25 years experience. Should your application be handled by another member of our Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department, who are also supervised by Melinda Smith, their details can be found here.

Average Costs and Timescale

The following information is for a single application for a single Premises Licence or to vary a single Premises Licence. It is assumed that there are no objections or representations made and that there is no hearing before a Licensing Committee of the Local Authority. It also assumes that you will have had prepared the required plans of the Premises that comply with the Licensing Act 2003 and have and can provide proof of your qualifications to hold a Premises Licence and of any proposed Designated Premises Supervisor.

The average costs charged by Fraser Dawbarns for an application for a Premises Licence or to vary a Premises Licence is £750 plus VAT. This includes preparation of the application and Notices and Consent of the proposed Designated Premises Supervisor.

Additional Fees

  • The application fee varies depending on the rateable value of the Premises from £100 to £1,905. We will be able to confirm the actual fee payable on receipt of instructions.
  • The fee payable for a minor variation of a Premises Licence is £89. There may also be the fee payable for the grant of a Personal Licence of £37.
  • There will also be fees payable for the statutory adverts in a local paper which are likely to range on average between £100 and £200 plus VAT.

Whilst we will prepare the required Notices to public authorities and serve these and prepare the Notice to be displayed at the Premises we assume that you will arrange for the display of the Notice at the Premises.

It is difficult to give an estimate of time scales as a large part of the process is out of our control. However there is a period of 28 days from the submission of the application and service of Notices for objections and representations to be made. If there are none, the Local Authority must issue the Licence. However the speed at which the Licence is then issued is outside of our control.

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