Adrian skydives for WaterAid

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Please note: this event has ended.

Adrian Lazell (Senior Solicitor) from Fraser Dawbarns, and his daughter Francesca (17), completed a tandem skydive, jumping from 11,000 feet over Chatteris, to raise money for WaterAid.

The idea came after listening to a radio report of an 88 year old man who had done a tandem skydive last year. Adrian’s daughters persuaded him that it was better to do the jump now, rather than waiting for his 88th birthday (still a few years off).

The skydive involves freefalling for 6,000 feet, reaching a speed of 130 miles an hour, before the parachute is released at 5,000 feet. So far they’ve raised £400.00 for the charity and they hope to pass the £500.00 mark.

If you’d like to make a donation to support Adrian, please go to