Fraser Dawbarns sponsors local team of students in International Mock Trial Competition

We are delighted to be sponsoring a team of students from Springwood High School, King’s Lynn, who will be travelling to New York in November to compete in an International Mock Trial competition.

The team of 9 school students, aged between 14 and 17, will be travelling to participate in the Empire Mock Trials against teams from all across the world including Australasia, Asia, Europe and America. They are the only school in the UK to gain a place at international level.

They have had an extremely successful year with the most recent highlight being able to compete at the highest level when they gained a place in the national finals of the Barrister Mock Trial Competition at the Old Bailey (picture below was taken at the Old Bailey). This was the first time that they have ever competed in the Barrister Mock Trial and so they were extremely pleased when they found out that they were in the top ten in the country.


Rachel, one of the team members, said, ‘We are so very grateful that we have your support and it’s a privilege to have a well known local company behind us. Your generous offer will enable us to make memories that will last a lifetime and it is offers such as yours that keep us ploughing through the case with enthusiasm.’

With less than three months to go and the students back at school, preparations are in full swing. The team spent the summer analysing every aspect of the case given for the trial. With the new school year here, the team are feeling nervous about time constraints and so have timetabled case preparation to take place after school, Sundays and lunchtimes to make it work.

We wish them the best of luck in their preparations over the next couple of months.