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Wills and Estates at Fraser Dawbarns LLP

In today’s world making a Will and keeping it up to date is very important.


At Fraser Dawbarns Private Client department we are able to offer comprehensive advice on all of the aspects you need to consider in drawing up your Will. We do this in a friendly and informal manner as is possible in the circumstances.


Many of our clients have straightforward lives and therefore a straightforward Will is suitable. However modern life throws up many situations whereby expert advice is needed in preparing your Will. These can include:-


  • Couples in a relationship or marriage where they have children from a previous relationship or marriage;
  • Families where there is discord;
  • Parents with a child suffering from a disability;
  • Wills where foreign property is held;
  • Tax planning is required to minimise inheritance tax


At Fraser Dawbarns the members of our Private Client department are able to provide you with that advice. If you would like help preparing or updating a will then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we might assist you.


If you are unable to visit one of our local offices then we can arrange for one of our lawyers to visit you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your requirements.


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If you have a query about wills or probate work, please contact one of our expert team:


Harleen Hanson

Harleen Hanson
Head of Private Client

DDI: 01553 666609
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