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Family Matters at Fraser Dawbarns LLP

Family matters are rarely straightforward and we have decades of experience in helping people in all sorts of circumstances, from families on a low income to high earning professionals and those with family farms and businesses.


Our specialist family team are all dedicated to helping you reach an agreement in relation to all issues by way of constructive negotiations. Our aim is to avoid court if possible and we provide advice and practical support which we hope will lead to solutions which benefit the whole family. Our motto is "Court is always a last resort!"


Our team recognises the concerns you will have in relation to costs. As well as avoiding court if possible, which is extremely expensive, we also offer flexible payment schemes including fixed fee packages and a service we call 'Advising in the Background'. This is the ultimate flexible service and allows you to use us as much or as little as you like. This means you are completely in control of the costs. For example you may feel able to deal directly with your spouse's solicitor, entering into correspondence, phone calls etc. We can be available for appointments or phone calls to advise you as and when you need it. You can even pay for each appointment or phone call at the time so you know you will receive no other bill. We are prepared to provide whatever service best suits you. We also offer a free initial interview so we can discuss which service is best for you before you incur any costs.


We offer advice and assistance on all aspects of family law and our services include the following:-



If you are concerned about a family matter do not hesitate to contact a member of our Family team to discuss how we might help.


We are pleased to be able to offer you help in financing your legal costs through Iceberg Client Credit LLP, a new and innovative Family Law finance service exclusively available to us as members of Resolution. This will provide you with instant access to funds to meet your costs at preferential rates. This method of financing will not be suitable for everybody but please contact us for more information.


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Fraser Dawbarns' Deborah Allen is "the safest pair of hands" and "provides a Rolls-Royce service to all her clients, giving them good, practical advice". The firm is noted for "high-quality service at sensible cost", with Melinda Smith.

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If you have a query about family matters, please contact one of our expert team:


Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen
Head of Family Matters

DDI: 01553 666405
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